Heart & Home Boutique

Come Celebrate Our Last Year.

​​​​ 24th Annual Heart & Home Fall & Holiday Boutique 2018!
Dates:  October 18 to November 18 (5 consecutive) 4 day weekendsRegistration Fee: $25.00Registration Deadline: Until Full www.heartandhomeboutique.com    
Commission:  20% with (2) 7 hour shifts, 25% with (1) 7 hour shift and 30% if you choose not to work.
Drop off: 
Starts 1st of October, please Call for an appointment (952-442-4084)
Last drop off day is on 1 week before opening day October 6.
6730 Co. Rd. 10 North Waconia, MN. 55387.
​From Hwy. 5 to Co. Rd. 10 (north) go 4 miles, turn left into driveway right before the bridge.  Or 1.5 miles South of Hwy. 7 cross the bridge 1st driveway on right. We live behind the long tan brick building.
Pricing can be tags or stickers, just make sure they are secure. Put your artist # on top left and price on bottom right. You will receive a print out which will include the date and price of items or multiple items on one sale. There will not be any inventory numbers included. I collect all sales tax and pay to state. Inventory sheets are vital…and marking items correctly with you assigned  # . If tags are missing I need inventory sheets to check prices. When dropping off inventory, you need to unpack your items in assigned area and set up your displays. If you have plastic boxes put your artist number on them.

*Please Note* I do not accept Commercial, Purchased, Witches or Zombie related items.
It is important to bring new and updated items that have done well for you. I cannot do a good job selling for you if you give me a small inventory or just give me leftovers from past shows.
Update: Regular artist: if you add a new product to your line I need to jury it as to make sure it isn't something I have already approved of for another artist. I want to be fair
to all artist. All items from new artist, must be juried.
Pick up: Last day of boutique Sunday November 18 at 5:00 or within a week **Call for an appointment   952-442-4084
Thank you for your dedication to your unique crafts, and your loyalty to me.

                                   Contact June For Registration Form